Netflix’s “Dark” Season 2 | Full Explained

Dark Season Two
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Netflix’s Dark Second season took concepts of time travel paradoxes to new depths This was premiered on 21st June. The interconnected stories of four families living in Winden town – The Tiedemann’s, the Nielsens, the Kahnwalds and the Dopplers involved in several events of time travelling between the periods of 33 years. Dark season’s 2 endings put us in huge suspense and threw in a last-minute twist of potential alternate realities and worlds.

But if you thought season one was a confusing for you (we’ve got a recap here, just in case you need a refresher)

Dark has exciting and frustrating twists, from the revelation that Adam is Jonas to reveal that Elisabeth is her mother’s mother! how can someone’s daughter also be their mother? So now lets dive deep into the story of everything on “Dark” Season 2 and explore what will be there in its final season.

There are no coincidences every path is predetermined, Everything Happens when it suppose to, At the right time, At the right place.

Beginning and Ending : Dark Season 2 Ep. 1

The Adam – Creator of ‘Sic Mundus’

We have thought that the villain of the series “Dark” is Noah. in this season episode 2 we have got to know that Noah once worked under Claudia but something went horribly wrong in their relationship and then he seemingly embattled in an eternal fight with Claudia for control of time travel. But here in this season revealed that the Noah was the Pawn of ADAM – The only Creator of Sic Mundus Est (Secret society of time travellers)

Adam is the future older and disfigured Jonas who lived all his years to create a time machine and building his own secret society named “Sic Mundus Creatus Est”. Adam is the only leader and founder of this society.

He says he wants to create a new world, His words are “We’ve declared war on time. Declared war on God. We’re creating a new world, without time, without God.” which he also refers to as “paradise” and seems to be touting as part of a prophecy to the Sic Mundus group, involves making sure all of the 33-year-cycle events from 1954 to 2019 happen. The Sic Mundus Creates Est

“We’ve declared war on time. Declared war on God. We’re creating a new world, without time, without God.”


Apparently Jonas and Claudia are waging a war against his older self “Adam.” 

As we have seen in the last episode Adam killed Martha in front of younger Jonas, Adam intentions is to give the younger Jonas the emotional impetus needed to continue on the path of eventually becoming Adam, believing Martha death will fuel him to wage the same war against time that Adam has been waging in this current loop.

Purpose of the White Devil!

Claudia (The white Devil) who is from the side of light and fulfilling her personal purpose to make her daughter Regina live. His whole motive was only to find the loophole and rearrange the puzzles through his paws or followers by travelling different years. She met herself in the past many times to guide her younger self that she needs to understand them and discover many realities of time travel and find the way so that Regina will live.

The White DevilNoah got to know that he was misled by Claudia for her personal purpose. So he killed her and took the last pages of a secret diary. After taking the pages Noah is now breaking faith with Adam. He tells Charlotte that he only did the awful things (like killing the children) “so that it will one day no longer happen.”

The year 2052 Post Apocalypse


Only a few peoples only survive after the apocalypse, they got united and make their groups where they punished peoples who try to get inside the damaged nuclear plant. They are believing that there is part of god insides which someday open the gate to paradise. There is also a leader who can’t speak like Elizabeth. Jonas somehow managed to get inside and found the source of the apocalypse. He also found a few recorded tapes of Claudia in which she mentions the instructions on how to open the portal to the next world. Dark matter

Jonas got a hope so escape from this time so he managed to get fuel to start the portal but caught by the local army. Where leader hanged him for his mistake but at the same point she shot on the rope and somehow Jonas survived. One of the members from his army took him inside the nuclear plant where Jonas managed to start the portal and escape from the future time.

Where The Future Meets Past

After getting into the Portal in the year 2053 Jonas travelled through the time and arrived in 1921. Where Jonas finds Younger Noah recognised Jonas and took him in the secret underground chamber where he meets Adam (Disfigured older self of Jonas). Adam revealed that he is his older self and explained the consequences of time travels and answers his questions.
Adam told Jonas that he has to find the origin and to destroy it so that this endless cycle will stop. He sent Jonas to 21 June 2019 to break the cycle and stop his father from being suicide which breaks this time loop cycle.Where Future meets past

After meeting his father Jonas come to knew that his father has no plan of suicide but younger Jonas was only the trigger for his suicide. It was the whole plan of Adam, he misleads Jonas so the cycle may continue, this was not the origin.

The Survivors of The Apocalypse

On the day of the apocalypse, after knowing that the apocalypse is going to happen in a while, Peter with Elisabeth doppler went to the underground bunker and waiting out the coming catastrophe from the Winden nuclear plant. Now aware of what is about to happen and desperate to save her daughter Regina, Claudia from 1987 brings Regina to the bunker where Older Jonas also locked the Martha in the bunker but somehow she escaped from there. All four sit and seem prepared to wait things out. In the final moments, a young Noah appears in the bunker to sit out the incoming catastrophe. The survivors

It has been confirmed that Elisabeth survives into adulthood and eventually become the leader of the Winden survivors by 2053. so she will survive in the bunker, too. There’s been no word on what Peter’s fate is as his future self if it exists, has yet to be revealed.

On the other side, Adult Jonas goes over the Nielson house and he saved the teen Magnus, Franziska, and Bartosz by taking them all somewhere in past through his time machine.

The question is “not what time, but what world?” 

After being shot and killed by the Adam and Just when it looked like we had lost Martha someone with her face another Martha appeared from one alternate reality and hinted at numerous others with the phrase ” the question is “not what time, but what world?” 

She opens her a time-travelling apparatus just a minute before the apocalypse and takes Jonas with her into some another world.Martha

The ending of this Dark Season 2 put us in huge suspense and threw in a last-minute twist of potential alternate realities and worlds. Who is this Martha? From where she come? And where she took Jonas to?

Dark Series Ratings – 4.8/5 | Drama Daddy

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