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Netflix’s Dark is so Complicated that you may need to know the structures, patterns and the backstories of four families. if you think you were confused the first time around, you’ll definitely need a recap before you go back into other seasons. Trying to sum up its plot and the family description below.

The series begins in 2019 with Michael Kahnwald, father of Jonas, hanging himself and leaving behind a note saying “not to be opened until 4 November at 10:13 pm“.

The Dark series gets an interesting turn with the disappearance of young Mikkel Nielsen, an 11-year-old boy in a town called Winden, where the workforce is largely centred around a forest and nuclear power plant.

The Secret

The Story Starts with the suicide of Michael Kahnwald (Father of Jonas Kahnwald), The stress of his father’s death leads Jonas to check himself into a psychiatric. Jonas is always wondering about the mystery of his father’s death. The letter which Michael Kahnwald leaves for his son was with his mother she kept it secretly.

 Secret Letter

Police of Winden reports the sudden disappearing of two children from them one is a Mikkel Nielsen who disappeared in a woods near the mysterious cave. The case was assigned to the police officer Ulrich Nielsen who is the father of Mikkel. This case was also very personal because 33 years ago his brother went missing and has never found.

” The distinction between past, present
and future is nothing but an illusion “

The next day Police found a dead kid in the woods wearing ’80s togs and nickel with ‘1986’ on it round his neck. He’s also carrying a Walkman and he has severe burns around his eyes and his eardrums are completely burst which scare the Winden city completely.

Where on the other side Jonas is feeling guilty because Mikkel is with Jonas on the night of the disappearance, So Jonas starts investigating and putting efforts from his end for searching Mikkel in the woods.

Time Travel

The next morning we see Mikkel emerge from the cave in the woods where he went missing. When he arrived in the town he found many strange things, he went through the workplaces of his mom and dad but unfortunately, he failed and finally realises that he is not in the year 2019, in fact, it’s the year 1986.

According to H.G. Tannhaus mentions the significance of the number to Jonas: Jesus performed 33 miracles, 33 litanies of the angels, and Dante’s 33 cantos in purgatory and 33 in paradise. Jonas adds that 33 is the age the antichrist begins his rule.

The disappearances of both Erik and Mikkel are quickly revealed to be linked to a mysterious portal in the caves underneath the nuclear plant; Which cause due to the explosion in the plant in 1986 somehow resulted in the opening of a wormhole through time. Every 33 years, the cosmos line up in exactly the same place, so the wormhole allows traveller access to either 33 years in the past (1953) or 33 years in the future (2019).

Jonas found the hidden strange map hidden inside his home which leads directions inside the mysterious cave.

Noah and time MachineThere is a hidden underground cell where Noah has built a time machine which opens wormholes in 33-year increments. Noah used missing kids to test the time machine which is not working properly and kills them and dump their bodies in the underground cell of another time.

Later on deep investigation Ulrich found that the body of a boy found on woods was of his own brother Mad’s who went disappeared 33 years ago in the year 1986 and turn up in 2019.

The Stranger

Stranger man who is continuously helping Jonas to find the clues and advising him was no one but Jonas himself from the 33 years in future. He also gave him the Secret note which his dad leaves for him. After reading the whole letter he discovers lots of secrets like one was that he Jonas was a son of Mikkel who then become Michael Kahnwald after stuck in the past by mistake and adopted by the hospital nurse Ines. After Knowing whole this story, Jonas ventures into 1986 to bring Mikkel home, but is dissuaded by the Stranger, who tells Jonas that such an action would result in his own existence being erased.

 Furure and pastFuture Jonas is working on a time machine built by clockmaker and time-travel expert Tannhaus. The machine was deteriorated due to some reason and need to be repaired. His mission was to seal the wormhole at the moment of its creation but instead ends up being the cause of its creation in the first place.

The Noah

Noah is a man who is a murderous time-travelling priest, and he’s at war with Claudia to control time travel.

Noah’s origins are still unclear, While most of the other characters we meet at different ages, we only ever see Noah as a middle-aged man or at least we think so. His priest’s get-up is a massive advantage since his clothing doesn’t tie him to one era in particular. Helge supports the killing of children’s in Winden by Noah, He is the only person who knows all the secrets behind this game. Noah

Helge is a pawn of Noah, and works with him to abduct and then later cover up the killings of the children. Ulrich follows Helge and passes through the wormhole, emerging in 1953, where Ulrich notices the bodies of two unidentified young boys – Erik and Yasin from 2019 have just been found in the construction site of what will become the nuclear power plant. Ulrich got the thought that maybe Helge is behind all these killing so he decides to kill Helge as a child in 1953. So he tries to kill him with a piece of rock but however he survives the attack

Covered in blood, Ulrich is arrested by young Egon Tiedemann for the murders of Erik and Yasin. His photo is later discovered in a 1953 news clipping by his colleague, Winden Police Chief Charlotte Doppler, in 2019.

Obsession and Love affairs

Love affairsHannah loves for Ulrich turned into an obsession, they both are in love affairs from a long time but the disappearance of Mikkel broke Ulrich badly, Now he finds no interest in Hannah and planning to move on permanently.

Where on the other side of story Aleksander and Ragina building an affair where Ragina asks her mom to give a job to Aleksander, He finally got a job opportunity where he used to work on top-secret place in the cave. Aleks has actually assumed the identity of another man. His real name is Boris Niewman – we see him burying two passports (his own and that of the real Aleksandr Köhler) along with a gun, in the forest. Young Hannah sees him do this in 1986. In 2019, she uses this information to blackmail him so he’ll “ruin Ulrich’s life” after Ulrich ends their affair.

The whole series is focused on the time travel between three eras i.e 1953, 1986 and 2019. The story revolves around on four families – the Kahnwalds, the Nielsens, the Dopplers and the Tiedmanns, who has lived in the town for generations 

The Future

Welcome to futureAt the end of the finale, Jonas is in some sort of dystopian future. He finds himself in a cabin with pictures of past, present and future version of the townsfolk pinned to the wall with articles and links joining them. As he ventures outside, he is hit in the head with the butt of a gun.

Dark Series Ratings – 4.8/5 | Drama Daddy

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