Monsoon Shootout | Ending Explained

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Amit Kumar’s Monsoon Shootout provides a multi-colored view of morality through a simple story: the same event is viewed several times over, with different histories and their outcomes, each one telling us something new about the characters.

The first encounter between a cop and a gangster has a quality of romance.

After nervous rehearsals of saluting his seniors, Adi’s mom (Pravina Deshpande) reminds him of his father’s teachings. He always teaches that “There are three different paths — right, wrong and the middle one. You will be at peace when you choose one, but it will be a very tough decision.”

Monsoon Shootout

The story’s idea of this movie is very different which keeps the viewers hooked till the last. The story hinges on how a single decision of Adi’s made in a split-second which can turn his life’s direction in many ways,When is with his suspect with a gun where he had to decide that whether he shot the suspect of letting him go. He was stuck with this dilemma and thinking about the scenario which way will lead him to the right decision.

Most dramas materialize through the decisions taken by their characters.

What If Scenario’s

Imagine what if Adi shot an innocent guy? What are the repercussions of Shiva’s family? Would Adi live with the guilt? How will he try to redeem himself if he shoots the wrong guy?

On the other hand, what if he lets a criminal escape? Won’t that mean more ruthless murders in the future? What if, despite choosing the middle path, no justice is served either to Shiva or to his victims or to the people around the main characters?

Adi discovers three possible ways, as his father always teaches him that there are always three ways Right Wrong and the middle one.

Right: don’t shoot; arrest the guy. Wrong: murder him and dress it as a shoot-out. Middle: injure and arrest him.

The Right Way

Adi’s First decision was to not to shoot the suspect because still he didn’t know that the man who is running from Adi is accused or not. Shiva jumps the wall and hides under trash. This changes the life’s directions of Adi and Shiva. Where one side after being escaped from the cop, Shiva builds contact with many leading criminals which are now supporting Shiva in killing the builders.Monsoon Shootout

Crime brace noticed the common name Shiva involved in many cases which makes Adi feel regret for his poor decision. He has the opportunity to kill Shiva that day but he didn’t shoot him. Due to this he loses respect in his department and shifted to a desk job. So to gain his lost respect he tries to catch Shiva anyhow, but unfortunately, he fails to catch him. After this incident, Shiva took revenge by throwing the acid on Adi’s and his girlfriend’s face.

The Wrong Way

Secondly, Adi decides to shoot the suspect Shiva, which after proved wrong, He finds Shiva as an innocent man who is being killed by mistake as the wrong decision. Adi went to his head police to confess his wrong turn which is then denied by his boss in fear inquiry and defending their 65 encounters, in which few are also fake encounters.Second Way

So the Crime branch hides this true story from media and gave the fake statement in which Shiva is reported as a gangster. After a few times, Adi comes to know that the son of shiva is now also become a gangster and involves in crime. By seeing this Adi felt a pang of deep guilt and starts blaming himself for all this situation.

After thinking about all the possible circumstances and situations he comes to his final decision which is a Middle way.

The Middle Way

Lastly, he took a middle way and decides to shoot on Shiva’s Knee which really looks like the right way. Adi caught him and takes Shiva in police custody, Where Shiva confesses all his crimes which he had done for his boss and also becomes the police witness. But things went wrong when the corrupt police department tries to kill Shiva for their own benefit while taking his to the court.

Adi is now listening to the voice of his own soul took Shiva to court after the lots of struggle but again he fails. Shiva got the bail and he got free by the court.

After all this Shiva took revenge by killing the Inspector who has taken the charge to solve this whole case disturbed Adi’s so again he went to catch his for his crime and he also succeeded in his mission but again corrupt crime branch head ordered Adi to leave Shiva. Third Way

Adi faces a dilemma where he has to decide to leave Shiva or to keep him in his custody, then he decides to take a middle way where his strategy works and he killed Shiva without breaking any orders. Then Adi got the promotion and his rest life comes in peace where he is also going to propose his Girlfriend in a church.

 Monsoon Shootout is unspooling three different stories, based on Adi’s choices.

The movie ending is quite unsatisfying. At the end of the movie, Adi was unexpectedly killed by the Shiva because he took too long to think about all of his possible aspects where he was unaware that Shiva has a gun with him and secretly he shoot on him.

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