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Life in a Day
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Wonder how people of this whole planet live their Life in a Day?

Watch this documentary and feel a single day of each one from various countries.

“Because a day is the basic temporal building block of human life – wherever you are,”

Day Life in a Day is a crowdsourced documentary was produced by Scott Free Productions comprising an arranged series of video clips selected from 80,000 clips submitted to the YouTube video-sharing website, the clips showing respective occurrences from around the world on a single day, 24 July 2010.

Trailer – Life in a Day

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The length of the Film is 94 minutes 53 seconds long. Includes scenes selected from 4,500 hours of footage in 80,000 submissions from 192 nations.

This documentary comprises video clips of a single day from peoples of different nationalities, where you find the lives of random peoples how they live, what they do for a living and all about their survival story.

So, it’s not just midnight to midnight, but it’s also from light to dark and from birth to death. … bashing things together and making them resonate against each other and provoking thought.”

The documentary starts from the midnight when all of us are sleeping but few of us are not, some people worship god, wake up early for praying and daily work like selling milk, newspaper, food products, creating cheese etc.

3 Inspirational life stories

  1. Birth In a Day

BabyAbout 360,000 babies are born each day according to the UN. This documentary also has few moment very happy moments where women’s find them pregnant and sharing the news with their loved ones. Some of them are delivering babies in a hospital. Few of these small clips will give you Goosebumps and defiantly touch your heart.


ResponsiblityA small story from this documentary gives you inspiration where a Man whose wife is been dead long ago, He lives with his child in a small house where he did household work like cooking, cleaning, taking care of his child to manage to go for work.

  1. 9 Years and 26 Days

BicycleSeeing the world from the eyes of Okhwan Yoon. Who intends to travel the world by bicycle. It has been a journey of 9 years and 36 days. He has travelled around 190 countries so far; He has been struck by a car six times and had 5 times surgery. He says “There are so many careless drivers in the world”. His perception is quite different, he saw many countries and their cultures and their people. He saw beautiful as well as the dark sides of his world and can talk about everything from Korean reunification to the different kinds of flies he’s encountered.

  1. Gratitude in a Day

Man A man in a hospital had a successful heart operation. So he feels strong gratitude to everything around him. Let’s know how this heart operation changes his perception of his new life from him.

No job is too big or too small and even down to a few minutes ago just wiping my bum. I had my first poop. In about a week ago one of them come to the rescue and said, listen would you like me to trim that up for you sir? So, I Said ‘yes’ She was a very courageous lady in my case.

I am very grateful for these people that have treated me like, just treated me so well. I will be on the road to recovery and I’ll be out of these again doing crazy things and enjoying life”


There were gems of all varieties: heart-rending singing from Angola; ghostly footage of elephants bathing by moonlight; emotional records of family life in the shadow of cancer; humorous travelogues around Kabul; beautiful footage of a family living on a boat on the Nile. All human life (and quite a lot of death) was there. That, I suppose, is what struck me most as I let the videos pour over me: what we had was a record of most, if not all, the major human experiences: birth, childhood, love, pain, joy, art, exhilaration, illness and death. Here were the fundamentals of every life, present in all their colours.

To Watch full documentary click on the below link


This Documentary asked few questions to the whole world.

2 Questions to you.

1) What do you Love?

 LoveIt’s a nice way to shake things up and feeds into the already showcased footage. let’s see the best answers of random peoples below.

10 Best Answers from different people of this planets.

  1. DAD – A boy who used to polish the shoe beside the road loved his dad who cooks his food and taking care of him. He also loved his toy laptop which is given as a gift by his dad.
  2. Refrigerator – In one clip one boy is hugging a refrigerator and expressing his love to refrigerator he says ‘’ I actually loved refrigerator because it is a cool thing, it remains in one corner, it keeps her mouth shut.
  3. Library – A girl loves the library because he loves to read.
  4. A dirty River smells – A girls love the smell of the dirty river.
  5. Science and Religion – A man loves Science and religion.
  6. Baked Chicken – A man loved coated chicken baked in the oven.
  7. Family -An African man love his family his brothers and sisters.
  8. Women – A man like women.
  9. Dog – One animal lover man loves his dogs, his chickens his horses.
  10. Wet sand – Women love placing his feet over wet sand she loves that feeling.

2) What do you Fear?

Like What do you love? These hippies in the documentary asked people from the different country’s that what they fear? Sharing some fear of these people below.


Top 10 Fears of Random people on this planet.

  1. Monsters – A bunch of children speaks about their fear that they are afraid of Monsters and Zombies.
  2. Homosexuality – One man expressed his fear and says he is afraid of homosexuality. He says it’s a disease and he is afraid of disease.
  3. Robbers and Rapers – Teenager girls and many women speak about their fear of bad guys or criminals who robbed and raped women.
  4. Death – Losing someone you love. When someone dies what happens to them? Where have they gone? What if God isn’t Real or Exist?
  5. God – A tribble women say she feared of God only,  and also she afraid of people who don’t know God.
  6. Loneliness – A girl and one boy shared a video where they speak that they are feared of loneliness.
  7. The small Girl – A girl says, that she is afraid of the fact of God she says what if god isn’t real? I believe in him but what if God isn’t real. And we are going to lie in the ground, Dead forever?
  8. Ghosts – When asked by the Indian girls they said they are afraid of Ghost and snakes.
  9. Leaving the Mountains – A man who is sitting in a top mountain said he is feared of leaving this beautiful place.
  10. Being fatty – Women is afraid of being fatty.

Do you Know What is the Biggest Fear of This Planet

Revealing the innermost fear of this planet. We have much big and small fear but deep inside we all have the greatest fear that is of Being Dead. All we want is to live forever, but the bitter truth of life is we all will die one day. Life is freaking Short, Death is uncertain.

This Documentary carries many messages in it. Life is all about being happy. Every day we are growing older and older, every day we learned many things, we face different problems in our life which always teaches the best lesson.

Happiness and sadness are two faces of the same coin, you will not be able to choose one or reject one. The coin will come to you with both sides so don’t try to run or hate the other side you didn’t like. Just be in it and accept it fully. Whether it’s good to you or bad it shall pass too. This journey of life is full of adventurous events and surprises. Life gives you great gifts wraps of happiness and blessing and a bunch of misery.

The only perception of your mind leads you to a good or bad life. So, live this life fully with all its aspects and complete this journey of life with joy.

Director’s Eye

My aim was to create a whole movie from intimate moments – the extraordinary, the mundane, the preposterous – and thereby take the temperature of the planet on a single day, 24 July. Contributors would upload their films to YouTube and let me and a team of editors turn their footage into something that captured a day of human experience. That was the theory behind Life in a Day, anyway; the execution turned out to be far from simple.

First, we had to let people know about the project. I spent a horrific week doing press around the world: Korea in the morning, Latin America in the afternoon.

Life in a DayThe 81,000 videos came from 192 countries and amounted to about 4,500 hours – enough for one person to watch 10 hours a day, seven days a week, for almost a year and a half. Contrary to expectations, and rather disappointingly, there wasn’t much sex. But there was a closeup of a man’s hairy arsehole widening to pass a giant turd. That really put me off my lunch.

A one-to-five star system was developed, although a special six-star rating was reserved for “so bad it’s good”: this usually meant boys showing off embarrassing dance routines in front of their mirrors, or the clip we christened “the naked Korean milk-spilling organist”. 

Thanks for Reading this whole review on Life in a Day.

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