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Gulabo Sitabo
Gulabo Sitabo
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Gulabo Sitabo is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed by Shoojit Sircar

Gulabo Sitabo movie cast: Farrukh Jafar, Amitabh Bachchan, Ayushmann Khurrana, Vijay Raaz, Brijendra Kala, Shrishti Srivastava


Gulabo SitaboGulabo Sitabo would be the story of a crooked old man. The face-off between Fatima Mahal’s grumpy old self-appointed guardian, Mirza Chunnan Nawab (Bachchan) and the bunch of tenants who’ve grown roots, led by likely lad Baankey (Khurrana), makes up the bulk of the proceedings.

After a long time, Amitabh Bacchan comes in the movie where he has a very different look a protruding nose, a shaggy chihuahua of a beard and a constant crabby expression is still a force to reckon with, The building or Fatima Mahal is too old that it is a love of many including Mirza, who brings the kind of assiduity to this romance that only time grants.

Another side Mirza’s tenant Baankey who is living in Fatima Mahal with his family from a long time, expecting to get permanent stay in Fatima Mahal without paying a single penny due to his poor financial conditions.

Movie Plot

Mirza’s lifelong ambition is to get the ownership of the building and to remove Baankey’s family from his building and get the ownership of Fatima Mahal from his wife, “the Begum” who is the real owner and 17 years older than Mirza.

The story turns out to be interesting when an archaeologist and one advocate involved in the matter of Haveli with Baankey and Mirza. Mirza is convinced that someone will try to steal the property from him and when his suspicions find a physical manifestation, he can hardly bear it. His ploy to secure Fatima Mahal begins with a plan to out his tenants. Where on the other hand government is showing interest in converting the haveli to a museum or historical building. His deluded rush to save it, he goes on to acquire documents to sell it off.

Ayushmann KhuranaBaankey has his own plans to get a low-cost accommodation somewhere in Lucknow, as he got to know after some time this haveli is going to be government property and they all were kicked off soon from their rooms. The fights between Mirza and Baankey which I pictured as delightful incidents of the former sassing the latter are underwhelming AF. There is little joy to be drawn from their moments together but after watching we figured that there is a lot more that they both can do with their acting and dialogues which is a little disappointing.

Bachchan’s heavy prosthetics may not be something that would floor you in any away, but the veteran makes up for the bizarre makeover with flawless body language to define Mirza — an old man weighed down by age who would draw your sympathy at the first glance, only to incite aversion the moment you fathom his unabashed greed. Despite the grey shades inherent in Mirza’s character, which begin to show as the narrative progresses, Bachchan is an absolutely remarkable watch.

“Do Din Ka Ye Mela”

Gulabo SitaboThis whole interesting story of Mirza and Bakery is all about their greed to Haveli, which leads them in different chaos. Where Mirza is strongly involving with his lawyer to get the ownership of haveli legally. In case of Baankey, he building a good relationship with the archaeologist who promised to Baankey that after leaving this haveli his family will get the good accommodation or a flat by the government itself as they are living from a long time in the haveli.

Where Mirza is old age man who has a lifelong ambition of getting the haveli from a long time that was one of the reasons he is eagerly waiting for his begum to be dead who is the real owner of this haveli. But his wife the Begam who is 95 years old and 17 years older than Mirza was fit and fine. Although the film’s primary satirical themes revolve around humanity implicit in greed, there are moments when it delivers critique to real-life incidents as well.

Movie Rating – 3.2/5

  • Different look a protruding nose, a shaggy chihuahua of a beard and a constant crabby expression of Amitabh Bacchan makes him attractive lead character of the whole movie.
  • Voice over of Ayushmann Khurrana is a bit different in Gulabo Sitabo, he practices a unique Lucknowi language tone for this movie.
  • Storytelling is not that brilliant but in an average category where in between you feel in getting out of track.
  • In terms of comedy, you will not be disappointed after watching Gulabo Sitabo.

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