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Game Over
Game Over
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Game over is a phycological thriller film beautifully directed by Ashwin Saravanan. This type of movie is changing the taste of Indian cinema.

A sensational story of wheelchair-bound women who struggle to fight with a mysterious serial killer.  
Bollywood is evolving day by day, Indian folks are shifting their movie taste, Now we need different content. Now people are bored with movies like love stories or movies with cringe actions and poor scripts which Bollywood has made for a long time. So many new directors are making and building a different taste for us.

Game OverIf you are a person who always seeking for an interesting and exciting thrilling genre movie then this movie will hit you hard. The movie starts with footage of a girl being choked and killed by a mysterious intruder.

Below 3 movie events will help’s you better to understand the movie plots before you should watch the game over.

1) “One Fine Morning”

Swapna is an independent working woman and talented game designer who lives alone in her home with her maid named Kalamma and did her most of the works from home itself. One morning she finds a sudden pain in her tattoo part of the wrist, which is strange to her.

That day she got a panic attack due to his fear of darkness. She is afraid of darkness due to some of his hateful past incidents. Many times she had also suffered from post-traumatic stress.

2) The Anniversary Effect

She fixes a doctor’s appointment where the doctor explains her about her anniversary effect – “a condition, which triggers unsettling feelings around the anniversary of a traumatic event which leads to a person feel more restless and anxiety during that particular time.” For Swapna, it is the horrific memory of her rape that took place on a New Year’s Eve.

3) The Dream

One night she woke up by having a bad nightmare and met with a small accident and again she starts facing trouble with the year-old tattoo on her hand. 

Upside Down

Swapna’s life changes upside down the moment she faces trouble with the year-old Tattoo on her hand.  Tattoo continuously start hurting Swapna and make her uncomfortable. What is the mystery behind this tattoo?

Game overDue to this whole thing, Swapna starts feeling regret for her past, which makes her depressed and disturbed throughout the day and finally decides to end all suffering by attempting suicide.

But again, she failed and ended up getting a wheelchair, there an unseen force of tattoo doesn’t want Swapna to die.

Finally, she finds the ray of hope when she met with the Amruta’s mother and finds the peace. (To know who is Amruta click on the link) and decides to go home to meet her mother.

He Has Arrived”

Game OverWhen everything is fine and Swapna finds the peace in her life, something wild is waiting for her outside “The Intruder”. This is a Physco serial killer who used to make footages while killing the people. He is now arrived to kill his next target. Swapna was unaware of this and had several dreams bad dreams, a kind of future instinct or a Déjà vu.

Swapna soon finds herself the target of the same serial killer, and it is like a video game which she enjoys playing. She is supernaturally given support to fight, but her weak mental and physical state get in her way. She manages to make an elaborate plan and did her best to survive.

Positive reviews by Drama Daddy : –

  1. New and Interesting concept which is not being done by Indian cinema.
  2. This movie is a complete package of thrill and horror genre.
  3. Amazing storytelling and fantastic acting by Tapsee Panu will hook you up till the end.
  4. Ashwin Saravanan has brought the most different concept in Bollywood through the Game Over.
  5.  Cinematography and frames of this movie are beautifully created and have ideas in them.
  6. Movie sound and background music are well organized in each scene of the film.

Negative reviews by Drama Daddy : –

  1. This movie will sound quite disturbing for the soft-hearted peoples.
  2. Dark movie

Movie Rating – 4.2/5

The film was shot simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. The film was also dubbed in Hindi and was presented by  Anurag Kashyap.

For Ending Explanation Please click on The Below Image.

Game Over Cover

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