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Game Over

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Game over is a phycological thriller film beautifully directed by Ashwin Saravanan. A sensational story of a wheelchair-bound woman who struggles to fight with a mysterious serial killer

After meeting with the Amruta’s mother and listening to the inspirational story of Amruta who once a cancer fighter and unexpectedly killed by a mysterious killer. Swapna finally finds peace in her life, she starts feeling positive and decides to go and meet her mother.

But she was unaware of unknown dangers who already stepped in the life of her. The intruder is now arrived to kill his next target. Swapna was unaware of this and had several bad dreams, a kind of future instinct or a Déjà vu.

Mystery Behind the Tattoo

Mystery behind the Tattoo

Pain behinds her tattoo was not just a random event, Tattoo on the Swapna wrist was accidentally made up of Amruta’s Memorial Ink. “A Memorial ink is made by mixing the ashes of decreased into tattoo ink.” So that was the reasoned she always got hurt when she tries to remove the tattoo.  Which is then supernaturally protecting Swapna’s life.

The Ending

The night when Swapna decides to go to meet her mother. She was unaware of the arrival of an intruder at her home. His next target is Swapna.

Same night Swapna get a dream or Déjà vu. She is supernaturally given three lives/chances to fight, but her weak mental and physical state get in her way the first two times, allowing her killer to win the supposed game-like scenario.

1 Déjà vu First

In first Déjà vu, she woke up and had a strong instinct that something is wrong outside. She tells Kalamma to go and check outside. Kalamma went and checked where she was unexpectedly killed by an intruder.

After seeing Kalamma dead, Swapna comes under a terrible fear and tried calling for help but couldn’t find out any. She starts to panic and met with a small accident where she fell down from her wheelchair.

After that, she notices a strange thing that unexpectedly two more similar tattoo appears on her hand.Game Over

Then after the intruder enters the house and killed her crucially by cutting her head off and burn her body. Where she experienced painful death and also watched her burning body. She also observes her one tattoo disappearing out of three.

2.  Déjà vu Second

In second déjà vu, she opens her eye in a shock and checked her wrist, where she found that one out of three tattoos is disappeared and remain two are on her wrist.  Now she realized that there is a kind of supernatural event which is helping her to face this dangerous situation.

Here she finally stops Kalamma from getting outside of the house. Now both are being trapped inside the room. From the window, Kalamma and Swapna saw a dead body of watchman who looks after the bungalow. They immediately call the police for help

Intruder finds the way to enter in the house and threw the firebomb inside the Swapna’s room. Due to fire both came out of the room, where they noticed intruder sitting on the couch and making video. Then they tried to escape but intruder killed Kalamma and moving forward to kill Swapna.

Finally, the cops who are informed earlier for the help arrived on a time and managed to kill the intruder.

But What’s the more worst is that when cops sent Swapna to the police station for her protection by a police vehicle, she notices three intruders in a side mirror of the vehicle. They somehow managed to fix the bomb on a vehicle due to this Swapna and cop were killed in a blast.Game Over

3. Last Chance the Third Déjà vu

Now she realized that there is some Supernatural energy trying to protect her from danger, and it’s her last chance to win this fight otherwise he will die forever. Swapna calls her maid and prepared her to fight with the intruder. Swapna has prepared and examines every possible situation for the fight with these demons.

Her first attempt to kill intruder got successful one of them was killed, but the second one captured her maid and hit her from stairs.

 Unfortunately, cops who came to rescue Swapna were killed by intruders.  Now Swapna must fight for her survival by her itself.

She manages to make an elaborate plan the final time and defeats her killers and survives the terrible ordeal and emerges a winner in the bizarre and twisted real-life game.Game Over

Did You Know?

Things you might not observed in Movie :-

  1. Memorial Tattoo on the wrist of Swapna is similar heart shape which also present in Amruta’s hand.
  2. Name of the lead character is Swapna which means a “Dream”, and in the movie, she has experienced 3 supernatural dreams which save her life.
  3. The reason behind Three heart-shaped tattoos indicates signs and signals for Three Killers. Where the movie introduces us only with 1 killer at the beginning of the movie.


“We all have two lives the second one starts when realise we have only one”

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  1. Recently i watch that movie it was awesome i liked it and so much suspense i suggest you guys please go and watch this movie👍❤️

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