Does Viral Series PAATAL LOK Deserve All That Hype?

Paatal Lok

Paatal lok

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Anushka Sharma’s debut production Paatal Lok is receiving Positive reviews from viewers as well as Critics.

Paatal Lok is a well-written crime thriller web series produces by Anushka Sharma. A cynical inspector is tasked with investigating a high-profile case which leads him into a dark realm of the underworld. This series is about a down and out cop who lands the case of an assassination attempt gone wrong. This series is full of suspense.

Inspector Hathi Ram is asked to build on the case against these four accused arrested for the “conspiracy of murder” of a renowned journalist named Sanjeev Mehra. When four suspects are nabbed in the assassination attempt of a prime-time journalist. The case turns out to be a devious maze where nothing is what it looks like. The pursuit of it leads him to the dark netherworld – the ‘Paatal Lok’ and discoveries in the past of the four suspects.Paatal lok


Hathiram explaining his junior Ansari about the three realms described in Indian mythology namely Swarg Lok, which means heaven, Dharti Lok which means Earth and Paatal Lok which represents the netherworld.

4 Psychopaths of Paatal Lok

  1. The Assassin? “HATHODA TYAGI

Vishal TyagiVishal Tyagi Aka Hathoda Tyagi is the most wanted criminal, quiet and deadliest guy among all four suspects – Vishal Tyagi, Kabir M, Tope Singh, and Cheeni. There was a story that he killed 45 people only with the help of a hammer. He loves dogs.  After meeting with the family of Vishal Tyagi and his school-teacher Hathiram come to know about the beginning of Tyagi’s criminal records, the people Tyagi worked for and Tyagi’s Dark past.

 When Hathiram went to the hotel for an investigation he also got to knew that Tyagi was following certain “Masterji” a bandit who has a huge cult-like following in Chitrakoot.

  1. Tope Singh

Tope Singh who got the leads to follow the target Sanjeev and understand his routine pattern which makes them easy to assassin the target. He is a criminal from Punjab who ran away from home for being guilty of injuring three people by the help of his knife and then after getting involved with the criminals.

  1. Cheeni

Cheeni works as a girl company for these three accused so that people do not suspect that something wrong is happening. Sie is a transgender who is got abandoned by his uncle because hir (Pronoun used for transgenders) parents were dead. So sie used to live in the city with poor children’s who begged in a train. Thereafter sie learned massage and worked as an employee in a big hotel and also involved in some wrong deeds for money.

  1. Kabir M

Kabir is a car Thief he used to steal the cars and sell them in a black market for the money. He is a guy who always used to hide his identity of being a Muslim because of one of a tragical incident of his past life. Hathiram got to know about his original identity after taking his strict interrogation. Then after all suspects including Kabir M were moved to different cells where Kabir was killed by a prisoner. Because CBI portrayed wrong information about Kabir that he is an terrorist.

History of Violence

  • Violance
    History of Violence
  • History of Violence
  • Paata
    History of Violence

We all are aware of the theory “cause and effect”. Like that every violence also is an effect of small wrong. These all four suspects are badly involved in criminal acts, which is leading them in very big trouble or chaos. These all suspects are from the different places in India. After investigation, Hathiram and Ansari come to know about their past lives and their dark pasts which is leading them into this whole chaos.

Many untold truths are revealed in this series from the conspiracy of CBI to dirty politicians. Inspector Hathiram went to the bottom of the case and discover hidden reality form the dark realm of the netherworld of Jwala Gujjar in Chitrakoot, by risking his life to solve this case.

IMDb Rating – 7.9

You can watch this series on Amazon Prime Video – SERIES LINK

Ending Explained

(Spoiler Alert)

After the interrogation and deep investigation Hathiram come to know that after escaping from the village, Tyagi remained in the isolation at Donullia’s house which is hidden in the forest. Tyagi always loves dogs from his childhood so there he accompanied few dogs and started taking care of them. Even Donullia preaches how men can only be good and pure-hearted if they learn to adore dogs. Tyagi was desperately wanting to meet masterji who saved his life.

Soon masterji meet up with Tyagi and demand a sacrifice in case Tyagi want to join his army. Tyagi sacrifices his thumb for his guru. When Tyagi and his team had set out to assassin Sanjeev, He noticed that Sanjeev is with his dog which triggers his mind that masterji always say that a man who loves a dog is a good man.

Small Story of Heaven

It was a story of five Pandavas after their reign on earth was over. They were in the way to heaven, one dog had accompanied them. It was a tough journey One by one the Pandavas Died on the way. Only it was Yudhishthira who finally reached to the gate of heaven.
So, at the doorway to heaven, Lord Indra welcomed Yudhishthira in, but he refuses for a dog to come with him.

Yudhishthira Insisted him and said “Even my brothers left me halfway. It was only this dog who kept me company, right till the end. If he’s not allowed in, I refused your Heavens,” He turned around to leave. Then lord Indra held him back. And said “O Yudhishthira, I was only testing you. For this dog is Lord Dharma himself. The Heavens welcome you both.

This whole story was is giving you gesture that your dog saved you from going to Heaven  “Said Hathiram to Sanjeev Mehra”.

Good Man

“When Dog Love Man, He is a Good Man
When Man Love Dog, He is a Good Man” – Masterji

Because Tyagi truly believed in these words of his guru “When Dog Love Man He is a Good Man and When Man Love Dog He is a Good Man” after seeing this, he doubted the orders to kill. Tyagi tried to get in touch with his guru but he couldn’t because he was already dead by then. Thereafter he cancelled the hit.

Tyagi shot himself with a police gun after knowing that masterji is dead, and he finds no purpose for his living.

Good man

Tyagi might be a monster but there was still some humanity left in him.

This series taught us that no one is intentionally like to involve in the crime only the past situation and circumstances make a person to fall in the world of crime like Tyagi and Tope Singh. In the case of Vishal Tyagi, he was a nice and simple guy who liked sports game. But one incident in his past life changed him fully. He took revenge for his sisters by killing three boys with a hammer in school.


Jaideep AlhawatPast of Hathiram is also not good his father abused him in childhood. Later he grew up and become a police inspector. He was a man of honour who always takes his duty in his priority. After suspension from his job, he struggles to keep himself away from the case while dealing with rising issues at home.

He keeps investigating the case by himself in Chitrakoot by risking his own life.  He picks up missing threads from where he left them.

Best performance of the year to Ahlawat as Hathiram Chaudhary in Paatal Lok: – Vicky Kaushal

“People are admiring a police officer’s character who is fighting through a corrupt system trying to prove his self-worth and seek justice in a post-truth world. I even received messages from people saying that they could very well relate to the character and the struggle.
It feels great to see your work being appreciated by people. It gives me a renewed sense of vigour to do more such brilliant work. I am truly thankful for this brilliant opportunity and the appreciation I am receiving from all quarters,” – Actor Jaideep Ahlawat

Paatal Lok, however, is not for the tender-hearted. It is abusive, relishes gory violence and is often crass. But, as the suspense and tension build-up to unbearable levels, you can’t help but binge-watch it.

Paatal Lok has a huge cast and everyone is quite good, especially Abhishek Banerjee, Ishwar Singh and Neeraj Kabi. They inhabit their characters and spaces with ease I haven’t seen in our serials for a while.

Anushka Meme On Paatal Lok

One meme showed her in different avatars from her films in the three stages shown in the show – Swarg (heaven), Dharti (earth) and Paatal (netherworld). They all feature Anushka in stills from her past films – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Sultan and NH 10.

Anushka Sharma

Anurag Kashyap resonse to Paatal lok

As far as reviews go, Anurag Kashyap summed up the show better than most. “It is not just a great investigative thriller. It comes from the understanding of Real India. The dark heart of India, the communal and casteist India,” he tweeted.

Abhishek Banerjee as Villain!

Abhishek Banerjee gained prominence by playing the hero’s friend in films like Stree, Dream Girl and Bala. Now, the actor will be the main antagonist Vishal ‘Hathoda’ Tyagi in Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming crime-thriller Paatal Lok.Abhishek benerjee His hammer-wielding gangster is a far cry from his comic act in Stree. But since Banerjee was “itching to do something where I can explore my fluidity”, he didn’t hesitate in taking up this intense role in Paatal Lok. He did excellent acting as a villain in this series.

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